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The following list utilizes the unique dating systems of the Windman continent. To shed light on the meaning of these dates, please see the Calendar an Date Reckoning pages.

Timeline of Events

14 Ostern 1446 DR [1022 WE|35 GWR] - Wedding of Lady Krysta of Danberg and Sir Bendroden Lightbringer
Year's Start 1445 DR [1021 WE|34 GWR] - Death of Thomas De Agueda
Year's End 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - Death of King Eric Carver
Year's End 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - Death of Lysander Ulgar
20 Decitis 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - Death of Ferdinand De Agueda
15 Decitis 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - The newly restored Council of Veltmon officially votes to remove itself from the Aguedan war with Gallanatria. Plans are made to send an emissary to the Gallantrians as soon as possible.
14 Decitis 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - Death of Engmar Blackiron
11 Tylon 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - Death of Louden Stirling, destruction of the Lion Trading Company's sole Airship, the Swift Breeze
Summer 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - Aguedan forces begin attacks into southern Gallantria
Summer 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - Prince Allen, aided by Simon Artannon and Bendroden Lightbringer, manage to hold Agueda's forces at Vila Nova.
Spring 1444 DR [1020 WE|33 GWR] - Dwarves of the Blackiron clan join Agueda's banner for reasons unknown.
Fall 1443 DR [1019 WE|32 GWR] - Esmoritz is destroyed.
Fall 1443 DR [1019 WE|32 GWR] - Prince Allen's forces attempt to fend off Agueda at Esmoritz, but are forced to retreat.
Spring 1443 DR [1019 WE|32 GWR] - The armies of Leon aided by Dallaall and under command of Duke Simon Artannon of Danberg attack Sabadel and capture Duchess Abrantes. She is beheaded by Artannon for her crimes against the kingdom.
Fall 1442 DR [1018 WE|31 GWR] - Malaga is destroyed
Summer 1442 DR [1018 WE|31 GWR] - Dallaall declares war against the enemies of King Eric.
Summer 1442 DR [1018 WE|31 GWR] - Agueda's forces, bolstered by monsters, return to the field, and engages Prince Allen's army in the field near Malaga. The prince is routed, but escapes.
12 Torin 1442 DR [1018 WE|31 GWR] - Eric Carver makes The Torin Decree.
19 Rhel 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Bendroden Lightbringer is found on the road back to Vila Nova Duke Simon Artannon attempting to carry the wounded king back to Canton City.
17 Rhel 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - King Eric's camp comes under attack by powerful demons. Though successful in destroying them, Eric is gravely wounded.
16 Rhel 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - A band of warriors, in pursuit of Thomas de Agueda, track him to the ruins of Creiss Castle in the northern Torian Mountains. Several hours after descending into the dungeon where he was holed up, a great red light bursts forth from the ground, spewing monsters and demons into the area. Thomas de Agueda and his pursuers are presumed dead.
20 Faham 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Prince Allen's forces arrive at Malaga and begin setting up to siege Agueda's forces left in the city, and begin searching for Thomas de Agueda.
13 Faham 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Fighting through the Torian Mountains comes to a standstill as King Eric's forces attempt to move into the heart of Agueda.
5 Faham 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - After pushing Agueda's forces back over the border, King Eric splits his forces in two, sending Prince Allen North to Malaga, after sightings of the criminal Thomas De Agueda are reported from the city.
23 Osmond 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - with the dwarves of Torgarn Peak causing touble in Cordoba, Duke Simon is able to take his Roc Knights north to assist the king.
19 Osmond 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - King Eric's soldiers begin to mobilize towards Malaga, coming against Agueda's main forces.
19 Osmond 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - The seige of Esmoriz is broken as reinforcements from the main force at Canton City arrive.
12 Tetsun 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Duke Simon Artannon of Pineborough, leading his Roc Knights, breaks the seige of Gondomar, repelling Abrantes' forces and pushing them back towards Cordoba
23 Cadora 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - A detachment of soldiers under command of Prince Allan are send to break the siege of Esmoriz.
9 Cadora 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - After breaking through the enemy lines undetected, Prince Allen is reunited to stand with his father, King Eric, in Canton City. Session 10
20 Allamuth 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - The soldiers of Duchess Louisa Abrantes of Cordoba carry out a surprise attack against Leon, almost taking the capital city of Gondomar, and putting Andel Boum and Danberg within a few day's ride of the front lines.
20 Allamuth 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - The beginning of the Canton Succession War, as forces of Duke Ferdinand de Agueda, lead by a Paladin of Morlander named Tarce Mulvain attack and destroy Creiss Castle.
Day of Thanks 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Princess Krysta Carver celebrates her 15th birthday alone in Danberg...
10/11 Allamuth 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Strange happenings occur to the band of adventurers escorting Allen Carver back to Canton City. They encounter the shade of thier fallen ally, Saxon, and undertake a personal task for him. Session 9
22 Walre 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Crown Prince Allen Carver is recovered by the band of adventurers sent to find him in Loshmere. Session 8
10 Walre 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Saxon Harold, heir to the Harold trading company and an adventurer working in the service of Duke Simon Artannon of Pineborough meets and untimely death in his 18th summer at the hands of foul beasts in the wilderness of eastern Canton. Session 8
13 Maripoth 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Sabotage and small raids begin occurring in northern Cordoba that confound the locals amidst the absence of their liege lords, who have all been called away to Sabadel by Duchess Abrantes. Session 6
1 Maripoth 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Amidst increased mobilization of the Danberg Military, a group of mercenaries leaves the city headed east. Session 6
23 Shalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Sir Simon Artannon is officially invested with the title of Duke of Pineborough by King Eric II of the Canton Kingdom - Session 5
10 Shalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - In a clandestine mission, the Princess Royal, Krysta Carver, is escorted out of Canton City to be returned to Danberg. - Session 5
8 Shalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - The historic Coronation Race takes place in Canton City - The surprise winner is Oona Stoneforge one of the mercenaries under Bendroden Lightbringer's employ. The city rejoices the occation, and later that night, a gala is held celebrating the new king. - Session 4
6 Shalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - King Eric II is crowned in Canton City, opening the gates to the castle and taking the throne of the Canton Kingdom, ending the two month interregnum that had nearly brought all business in Canton City to a halt.
4 Shalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - With the assistance of Marshal Julian Broussard, Duke Carver's men investigated and broke open a thieves guild known as The Canton Underground that had perpetrated both Lady Krysta's abduction and the theft of the crown jewels. Evidence was also discovered that implicated Regent Thomas de Agueda as the planner of these attacks. Armed with this evidence, Carver and his people, as well, as Broussard and a contingent of his soldiers placed the Regent under arrest. The Ducal Council finally voted to select Eric as the proper heir of the Canton Kingdom. - Session 3
23 Garnalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Lady Krysta Carver, daughter of Duke Eric Carver is abducted in the market of Canton City. Carver's men give chase through the sewers and are able to recover her. - Session 2
17 Garnalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - The Cantonian Crown Jewels are stolen. A soldiers under the employ of Duke Eric Carver track the thieves down and take them into custody. The Jewels are returned. - Session 1
16 Garnalm 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - The collected Ducal Council meets to choose a new king. The meeting is at an impasse.
13 Ostern 1441 DR [1017 WE|30 GWR] - Death of King James Smythe.

Pre-Campaign Dates

1440 DR [1016 WE|29 GWR] - East and West Gallantria are formed. The city of Bel is renamed West Gallans. Louden Stirling becomes first co-emperor.
1434 DR [1010 WE|23 GWR] - Haldrin the Blackguard attacks Danberg. The Company of the Lion destroys him.
1432 DR [1008 WE|21 GWR] - Undead attack Danberg, Bendroden Erulan and his allies defeat Raintree.
1432 DR [1008 WE|21 GWR] - The Company of the Lion is formed in Danberg.
1431 DR [1007 WE|20 GWR] - King Loshren returns to Loshmere, "The Dark One" is revealed to be a Blackguard named Raintree.
1431 DR [1007 WE|20 GWR] - Orcish invasion on Danberg, ordered by an entity known as "The Dark One".
Netar's Day 1426 DR [1002 WE|15 GWR] - Birth of Lady Krysta Carver, daughter of Duke Eric and Duchess Ladia Carver.
1426 DR [1002 WE|15 GWR] - Emperor Gustav Shalt is coronated in Gallans
1411 DR [987 WE] - King James Smythe ascends the throne of Canton. His first act is to bestow the title of Duke on Eric Carver.
1411 DR [987 WE] - Greater Races War ends with the Battle of Windfall.
1409 DR [985 WE] - The Gallantrian Imperial Family is killed by Hayze.
1409 DR [985 WE] - The Canton Royal Family is killed by Hayze - only Duke James Smythe, the king's brother lives.
1409 DR [985 WE] - Thomas Hayze discovers the Matani Statue, marking the beginning of the Greater Races War.
790 DR [366 WE] - With the cornation of Emperor Odoacer I, the modern Gallantrian Kingdom is formed.
424 DR [0 WE] - The fall of the Windman Empire.
0 DR - Modern day Danberg is founded.