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Greater Powers of The Balance
The Gods of Order The Gods of Chaos
Kocha - High Lady of Order Choma - High Lord of Chaos
Zeilta - Lady of Time Keedrah - Lady of Nature
Kahzea - Lady of the Winds Veltmon - Lord of the Land
Hydria - Lady of the Water Pyros - Lord of Fire
Simestra - Lady of Creation Zul - Lord of Destruction
Shealon - Lady of Light Morden - Lord of Darkness
Jelia - Lady of Life Necrosaro - Lord of Death
Kenkou - Lady of Health and Knowledge Byouki - Lord of Disease and Ignorance
Arinori - Lady of Good Jinhea – Lord of Evil
Bûhna - Lady of Civilization Dralth - Lord of Barbarians
Chinsara - Lady of Peace Morlander - Lord of War
Lanaré - Lady of Love and Affection Kesselmorn - Lord of Hate
Satoria - Lady of Logic Kandah - Lord of Emotions
Kaikan - Lady of Pleasure and Compassion Itameni - Lord of Pain and Suffering
Garret - Lord of Truth, Duty, and Honor Kya - Lady of Deceit, Dishonesty and Lies
Lykora - Lady of Law Deitrick - Lord of Disorder