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<album dirName="20121012" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>TBD</album>

<album dirName="20120921" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>TBD</album>

<album dirName="20120907" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>TBD</album>

<album dirName="20120817" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>TBD</album>

<album dirName="20120803" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>TBD</album>

<album dirName="20120720" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>TBD</album>

<album dirName="20120706" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Thankfully befriending a group of dwarven rebels with a shared goal of Engmar's downfall, the party aids the rebels in a major operation to loot supplies and weapons from the local marketplace...</album>

<album dirName="20120622" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>After dispatching a group of scouts sent out from a nearby farming community, the group makes its way to the cavernous city of Vondar, though are quick to make a less than pleasant name for themselves as they search for clues about Engmar Blackiron...</album>

<album dirName="20120601" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Taking to the skies among the few remaining Roc Knights, the group follows through by the king's wishes to infiltrate Gallantria with hopes of persuading the Torian dwarves to back down from their decision to support Agueda and his forces...</album>

<album dirName="20120518" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Chaos strikes as the castle is suddenly under attack without warning, with the party struggling to defend the courtyard and ultimately the king himself as they find themselves strangely divided by an unknown force...</album>

<album dirName="20120504" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>The party departs from Danberg towards the capital of Canton City to warn King Eric and Bendroden of their recent findings, but first find themselves faced both with large adversaries as well as an old friend as they approach the outskirts of the city...</album>

<album dirName="20120420" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Having fought for their lives against a great undead dragon guarding the site of their portal home, the party bids farewell to their Vistani guide and leaves the Shadowfell behind, returning to a much different world than the one they had left seemingly only a week prior...</album>

<album dirName="20120406" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Fate aligns the group up with a band of traveling gypsies known as The Vistani, who although are suspect by most in the Shadowfell surprisingly greet the party with warm regards and offer great insight to see our heroes back to the Prime Material Plane...</album>

<album dirName="20120316" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Discovering that they've been transported to a plane much, much different from their own, the party does their best to seek out civilization in a desperate attempt to find their way home...</album>

<album dirName="20120302" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Having felt the world seemingly collapse upon them during their final blows with Agueda, our heroes wake to find themselves traversing a dark and mysterious maze, with only a strange, cloaked man forever ahead in the distance as their guide...</album>

<album dirName="20120203" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Making swift passage through Agueda's forces outside of Malaga, the group descends upon a small keep to find not only the elusive sister of their late companion, but also one Thomas de Agueda as he prepares to harness an unknown power deep underneath the earth itself...</album>

<album dirName="20120120" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Travel southbound back into the Canton Kingdom proves troublesome with an untrustworthy group of prisoners in tow, though eventually they part ways and happen upon more favorable company as they encounter Prince Allen and his men preparing to take back the City of Malaga...</album>

<album dirName="20120106" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Continuing their journey north into Gallantria, our sailors eventually find themselves wandering upon the small village of Westhaften and learn looks can be deceiving upon discovering pirates hiding in plain sight...</album>

<album dirName="20111202" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Tracking a series of small footprints deep into the swampland behind the Entaro family farm, the group investigates and ultimately is able to dispatch the disturbance that has been wreaking havoc to the family's prized olive crops...</album>

<album dirName="20111118" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Departing from Canton City, the party makes travel to Danberg, Andel Boum, Insel Island, and eventually the Free Cities of Dallaall in search of clues to fulfill a vow to find their fallen friend's next of kin...</album>

<album dirName="20111104" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Narrowly avoiding Agueda forces gathering for war, the group is finally able to return Prince Allen home safely to his father in Canton City, who they find now making the inevitable wartime preparations of his own.</album>

<album dirName="20111021" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>The journey back home takes an unsuspecting twist when the party awakens in the night to find the Prince and their entire caravan MISSING! An erie investigation steers them through a ghastly maze of puzzles and perils until eventually they find themselves face-to-face with an old companion...</album>

<album dirName="20111007" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Tragedy strikes once again as Saxon falls in an early morning ambush on their camp along the trail, though thankfully they are later able to rescue the prince without further bloodshed with the aid of an elf's service loaned by King Adler of Loshmere.</album>

<album dirName="20110930" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Passing through the Dwarven city of Torgarn Peak, the party jumps to help a small band of Oona's kinsmen that had been ambushed by an evil wizard, however unfortunately their speed is not enough to provide rescue from the walking dead...</album>

<album dirName="20110916" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Finding new service from Sir Simon Artannon of Danberg, our heroes set off on a long journey through the Torian Mountains with the task of locating the new crown prince, Allen Carver, and returning him safely to Canton City...</album>

<album dirName="20110902" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>Traveling cross country in guard of Duke Piondargas and Lady Krysta's caravan proves to be an uneventful opportunity for the group to bond until they find themselves ambushed by a roving band of Bullywugs in the Marsh of Fenhold.</album>

<album dirName="20110812" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>In celebration of the king's coronation, members of the party participate in an elaborate foot race with highly sought after treasures awarded to the winner. After the competition, the group learns of their final task to escort Lady Krysta back home to Danberg...</album>

<album dirName="20110805" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>A late-night raid on a local thieves guild reveals documented proof of Duke Agueda's betrayals to the crown, ultimately resulting in his ousting from the council by force and Duke Carver's election to serve as the true heir to the throne of the late King James Smythe.</album>

<album dirName="20110708" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>A simple trip to the market leads the group to chance upon the attempted kidnapping of Duke Carver's daughter. Their pursuit deep into the sewers beneath Canton eventually leads to Lady Krysta's recovery after a great showdown with her assailants, however victory comes not without its costs.</album>

<album dirName="20110701" showTitle=1 showLarge=1 multiSet=1>The paths of five young adventurers cross when they find themselves guarding a caravan for Duke Eric Carver, however upon reaching their destination it becomes clear that their loyalty is a valuable asset to the Duke in a city rife with deceit.</album>