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Month/Day Name Patron Deities Season Misc Info
Year's Start First Day of Spring
Monos Lykora and Garret Spring
Torin Kaikan and Satoria Spring
Ostern Lanaré and Chinsara Spring
Garnalm Bûhna and Arinori Spring and Summer Solstice on 19th day
Kocha's Day Summer
Shalm Kenkou and Jelia Summer
Maripoth Shealon and Simestra Summer
Walre Hydria and Kazea Summer
Allamuth 1st Half Zeilta Summer
Netar's Day Summer Leap Year Only
Day of Thanks Fall Equinox
Allamuth 2nd Half Keedrah Fall
Cadora Veltmon and Pyros Fall
Tetsun Zul and Morden Fall
Osmond Necrosaro and Byouki Fall
Choma's Day Fall
Faham Jinhea and Dralth Fall and Winter Solstice on 7th day
Rhel Morlander and Kesselmorn Winter
Tylon Kandah and Itameni Winter
Decitis Kya and Deitrick Winter
Year's End Last Day of Winter

The Keedran Calendar is separated into 15 months, each with 24 days, 4 weeks, 6 days per week. 5 separate days that have no monthly affiliation. In a Leap Year there are 6 days with no month. Each of these month-less days are highly religious days, with Netar’s Day, the day of the leap year, being the most religious. After that would be Day of Thanks where great banquets were held and even those who worship radically different gods gather in town halls for such feasts.

Days and Weeks

Each week and day of a month has a different name. These names are combined to identify individual names. The weeks are named, in order: Abil, Irma, Manu, and Surc. The days are named: Dom, Seg, Ter, Quar, Qui, and Sab.

Abil-Dom Abil-Seg Abil-Ter Abil-Quar Abil-Qui Abil-Sab
1 2 3 4 5 6
Irma-Dom Irma-Seg Irma-Ter Irma-Quar Irma-Qui Irma-Sab
7 8 9 10 11 12
Manu-Dom Manu-Seg Manu-Ter Manu-Quar Manu-Qui Manu-Sab
13 14 15 16 17 18
Surc-Dom Surc-Seg Surc-Ter Surc-Quar Surc-Qui Surc-Sab
19 20 21 22 23 24