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The following guide is designed to inform new players, etc about the intricate details and differences of the Keedrah game world compared to base D&D. Let's begin at the beginning.

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Keedrah is the name of the game world. It is named after the goddess of nature. The gods of Keedrah ruled over by Netar the Over-God, who maintains a covenant with the mortal races of Keedrah known as The Balance. The Balance is a promise that Netar, and the gods, would keep the mortals of Keedrah safe in return for the people worshiping the gods.

Windman Continent

The game play on Keedrah takes place primarily on the Windman Continent, located in the northern hemisphere of the world. Windman is equivocal to Europe. There are two major countries on the continent.

Canton Kingdom

The Canton Kingdom, is equivocal to Portugal, Spain, France, and parts of Greece and Italy. It is ruled by King Eric II. The capital City is Canton City. Danberg is a major city along the western coast of the windman contient, and a major center of trade and travel.

Gallantrian Empire

The Gallantrian Empire is a large militaristic country, equivocal to Germany, Switzerland, France, Poland, and slavic and baltic nations. The Gallantrian Empire directly boarders a large elf land to the west and spans most of the north of the Windman Continent.

Aeg Continent

To the south of Windman is a savage continent named Aeg. This continent is equivocal to Africa. It is filled with large, unknown expanses of land.


There are some differences in the races available to play on Keedrah. Those differences are outlined below.


Humans are the major race of the Windman continent. The two major countries of Windman are human countries.


Eladrin are known as Continental Elves by the people of Windman. They are similar to the basic Eladrin, but are tall and gaunt: 6'2" to 7'2" on average, and have pale skin. They live east of Gallantria in The Great Forest, and have warred on and off with the Gallantrians for centuries.


The elves of Keedrah are known as Insel Elves. They are tall and gaunt: 6'2" to 7'2", on average and have dark tanned skin. They are outcasts from the continental elves and face a great deal of racism from the other people of Windman. This racism has decreased in recent years, but it is still present in all levels of society.


The dwarves are split into three nations, depending on which mountain range they live in. The one exception to this are the Zvergvald Dwarves, a sect of dwarves that live within hallowed-out trees and revere the goddess of health.


Though halflings do live all around the continent, in various small communities among the humans, there is one major halfling settlement called Seamouth on the southern Windman shore. The Seamouth halflings of the Frantan Confederation are major traders along the sea routes of the Mesothalassa, the sea that separates Windman and Aeg.


Exist, but are rare.


Do not exist on Windman or Aeg.


Do not exist on Windman or Aeg


Are not a playable race. The underdark does not exist in Keedrah.

Recent History

History happens, and there is some stuff like that which happens here. Also, it might help to look at the Timeline page.

Greater Races War

The Greater Races War is a major conflict the spanned the entire Windman continent. The war was between invading forces from Aeg that consisted of various monstrous races and the good races of the Windman continent.

Attacks of the Blackguard

A malevolent force known as the Blackguard tried several times to abduct the young daughter of a noble of the Canton Kingdom. In doing so, the Blackguard brought large armies against the city of Danberg, which has greatly effected the city to this day.

Key Figures


King Eric II

King of the Canton Kingdom, of common birth, Eric Carver attained great renown as a hero of the Greater Races War.

Krysta Carver, Princess Royal

Youngest daughter of King Eric, Krysta is a 15 year old girl who's past is filled with strife.

Crown Prince Allen Carver

Crown Prince of the Canton Kingdom, Allen's current whereabouts are unknown.

Sir Bendroden Lightbringer

Bendroden Lightbringer is a paladin of Lykora, goddess of law, and a adviser and friend to the King. Bendroden is a hero of the recent attacks against Danberg by the Blackguard.

Duke Simon Artannon

Duke of the Canton state of Pineborough, Duke Simon recently came into his position after the ascension of Carver to the throne of the Canton Kingdom.

Duke Ferdinand de Agueda

Ferdinand de Agueda is the Duke of the Canton State of Agueda. He was recently embroiled a political crisis over the throne of the kingdom.

Thomas de Agueda

Thomas de Agueda is the former regent of the Canton Kingdom who was found to be scheming against Carver, attempting to get his cousin, Ferdinand de Agueda, the throne.


Adran Arun Ealoeth

Adran Arun Ealoeth is an elf from the Aeg continent, Adran is a tribal warrior who helped assist Eric Carver in ascending the the throne of the Canton Kingdom. The elf helped to rescue the king's daughter and has the deepest thanks of the king and the princess.

Ivon Entaro

Ivon Entaro is a human from the Free Cities of Dallaall. He is the son of a minor trader, and a graduate of the Carvorel Military Academy's School of Magics. He was previously in the service of Bendroden Lightbringer, paladin of Lykora.

Laphane Nasta

Laphane Nasta is an Insel elf formerly in the service of King Aldar and Queen Laresh of Loshmere. He comes from an off-shoot of insel elves who stayed behind in Gallantria after the Greater Races War to watch over Windfall Valley.

Norvaan Longard

Norvaan Longard is the son of a trader. He hails from the Free Cities of Dallaall, and has joined the military force of Pineborough as part of his military training.

Oona Stoneforge

Oona Stoneforge is a displaced Veltan Dwarf looking to regain Clan Stoneforge's good name. He has traveled the continent learning various styles of combat.

Rules Differences

Magical Items

Hi. Lets sit down and talk about magical items. A long time ago (1996), the DM played in a 2nd edition D&D game in high school. In that game, you could, in any town, find a blacksmith. If, across the street, there was a bar, you could go down an ally and knock on the side door. Three times. The door would open and you would be allowed into a magic item shop... where you could buy anything. This has mae me in my later years as being very leery about the purchase of magic items. Since 4e D&D has a level of expectation where magical items are concerned, you can purchase only 'common' items. How do you purchase them? We'll just kind of ignore that.

Useable Books

All wizards books, and dragon and dungeon magazine articles are allowed for character creation. Anything that is campaign specific - Forgotten Realms, Ebberon, etc magic items, backgrounds and races are not allowed unless otherwise stated. When in doubt, ask the DM. If you really want to play something/have something, you may be able to convice me for a reason other then "It gives me more power".