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Sage Thalinbar
Class Wizard
Race Continental Elf
Hometown The Great Forest
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 142
Alignment Good
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Sage Thalinbar the Wisened was a Continental Elf wizard who was part of the Company of the Lion, a famous adventuring group known for stopping the machinations of two Blackguards and saving the city of Danberg from utter destruction.


Thalinbar was born to a minor family in the Great Forest, the home of the Continental Elves, some time after the expulsion of the Insel Elves. At a young age his natural affinity for magic kept growing stronger and eventually he began studying the arcane arts. Feeling that there were more opportunities for vast arcane knowledge elsewhere, he decided to head west, to the Human lands, and to points beyond, whatever met his fancy, whatever way the pull of magic sent him.

He joined with a trading caravan under a gentleman named Brysten Marcus who was the owner of a trading company called "The Lion Trading Company". While working for the caravan and travelling, he met and befriended Sir Bendroden Lightbringer and a young Gallantrian named Svetlana. Though he trusted his companions he still considered himself a cut above, a Continental Elf, dignified, and distinguished.

Even when faced with the Ancient One, a monk representing the Over-God Netar, his high opinion of himself and his race shone through. He got visibly irritated when the monk referred to him, as part of the group, as a "mortal". This turned out to be quite prophetic, when Thalinbar did eventually die at the hands of the Blackguard Gerishal Raintree. Thalinbar was disintegrated by a powerful spell, and all that remained of the Company's dear friend was a pile of dust.

Bendroden carefully retrieved the dust and placed it inside an amulet, and wore it around his neck to remind him of his fallen friend. A few years later, a new Blackguard arose, and threatened the populace of Danberg. He was defeated, but his floating island, which was hovering over the city, began falling, threatening to crush the people below. The amulet around Bendroden's neck began thrashing about, and when he pulled it out, a powerful beam of light emanated and helped push the island out over the ocean, saving thousands of lives.

Thalinbar is remembered in a fresco, painted on one of the walls of the Lion's Inn, a tavern he himself purchased. His friends, Svetlana and Bendroden took ownership upon his passing, but the business is mostly run by Svetlana. Bendroden still wears the amulet to this day, but the dust inside was gone after the incredible burst of power that saved Danberg.