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Axe-Maiden of Gallantria
Alias High Protector of House Erulan
Class Axe-Maiden
Race Human
Hometown Vendel Province, Gallantria
10|1411 }}
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 157
Alignment Good
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Svetlana is an Gallantrian Axe-maiden, whose former life of adventure linked her to Bendroden Lightbringer and the Lion's Trading Company. Though those years are long-gone, she is currently the part-owner and proprietor of the Lion's Inn in Danberg. She and Sir Bendroden were both allies of late King Eric Carver, and fierce protectors of Lady Krysta Carver.


Svetlana was born on 10 Torin 1411 DR [987 WE] to a family in a small hunting community of the Vendel Province in Gallantria. As a Gallantrian, at the age of 15, she reported to join the Gallantrian Army, which requires all citizens of age to participate. This gave her the opportunity to leave home and experience the wider world. She participated in many battles of the various Gallantrian Wars and including the aftermath of the Greater Races War. The title she recieved, "Axe-maiden", is a specific Gallantrian term for women from the northern lands, known for producing hale and harsh folk who have adapted to survive the rough, cold, and mountainous terrain.

After age 21, Svetlana was released from her military service, and joined up with a caravan owned by The Lion's Trading Company, and eventually made her way to Danberg. in the City of Reborn Hopes, she met up with a Paladin of Lykora named Bendroden Lightbringer, and an Elf Wizard named Thalinbar, forming part of the "Company of the Lion". During a vicious battle with a vampire lord named Gerishal Raintree in the Ruins of Riverkeil, Thalinbar perished, along with a disgraced paladin named Haldrin. Raintree had aims to kidnap the daughter of the then-duke Eric Carver, Krysta, claiming she was part of a prophecy that his "master" wished to exploit.

Two years later, the Blackguard had returned, this time in the form of the former paladin, Haldrin. His attack on Danberg wiped out a specially gathered force to protect Krysta Carver, and killed Eric's wife, Ladia. Taking the fight to Haldrin's floating island, the group was able to stop his attack and, they had hoped, prevented the Blackguard from returning by slaying a demon who, they supposed was the true power behind Haldrin and the blackguards. Unfortunately, another companion of the group, Bahen Stihl was driven to gibbering madness by this encounter.

After Haldrin's defeat, Svetlana bore a son, who was fathered by a Roc Knight named Gabriel Becrion. Sir Becrion died during the assault on Haldrin's floating island. Shortly after the birth of the child, she set off to avenge the death of another of her comrades, a Priest of Granus named Alaric, leaving the child in Bendroden's care. She returned later, seemingly satisfied, and all assumed that justice had come to the party responsible for Alaric's death.

Currently, Svetlana spends her days watching over the Lion's Inn, and tending to the day-to-day running of the business and raising her son, Ian. Flanking the entrance to the inn are two huge portraits, one of Sage Thalinbar, and one of Sir Gabriel Becrion. Svetlana is a hospitable host, but leaves her double-headed axe mounted on the wall behind the bar, lest any unruly patron forget she was a warrior and could easily put down any trouble should it arise. She corresponds with Bendroden often, though he tends to stay out of the operational side of the business. She was also responsible for escorting and returning Lady Krysta Carver to Canton City during the Cantonian Civil War.