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Alias The Neutral one
Alignment Unaligned
Known Exarchs The Ancient One, possibly Bahamut
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Netar is the Over-Power of Keedrah, and it's creator. He is the child of the both ever changing chaos and the highly stuctured order of the plane of Keedrah. Netar rarely intervenes in the lives of mortals, though if needing to do so, will usually be represented by a mysterious monk known only as The Ancient One. In religious art, Netar is usually represented as an androgynous male, wearing black and white robes.


The Fall of the Dragons was heralded by the appearance of a great shimmering dragon, known as Bahamut. Bahamut was the dragon that ordered Keegan to watch over the area of the world that eventually became Danberg. Whether Bahamut is Netar himself or an exarch of the god is unknown.


Netar grants followers no powers, and as such, no formal temples exist to him. The people generally acknowledge his existence, but tend more to worship more tangible gods, that represent less esoteric things.