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Franklin Delano Bluth
Franklin, in a car.
Franklin Delano Bluth
Alias Franklin
Class Puppet
Paragon Path Black Puppet
Epic Destiny Gob's Puppet
Race African-Felt-American
Hometown Newport Beach, CA
Gender Male
Height 2 feet
Weight 5 lbs
Alignment Unaligned
Deity Not you, Whitey
Quote "My name is Judge"
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image = Optional. The file name of the image to be used. Upload your image with the link to the left.
caption = Optional. A caption you wish to have under the image
name = Mandatory. Self explanatory
alias = Optional. Any aliases the character may go by
class = Optional. Class/Role, etc.
paragon = Optional. Paragon Path
epic = Optional. Epic Destiny
race = Optional. Race
hometown = Optional. Home town, country, etc.
birthyear = Optional. year of birth
birthmonth = Optional. month of birth
birthday = Optional. day of birth
deathyear = Optional. year of death
deathmonth = Optional. month of death
deathday = Optional. day of death
agereckon = Optional. reckoning of birth and death years
gender = Optional. Gender
height = Optional. Height
weight = Optional. Weight
alignment = Optional. alignment
deity = Optional. worshiped deities. Use brackets[[]] to link to deity of choice
quote = Optional. A frequent/favorite quote.
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