Session 31

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October 12, 2012 – Atop Windfall Tower
  • Year's Start 1445 - Atop the Tower and The Death of the Blackguard, Thomas de Agueda

The Story

The party enters the tower through the large marble double doors. The ground floor contains a multitude of statues depicting various figures from history. The near pristine condition is amazing given the amount of time the tower has been abandoned, Quodus mentions that some of the subtle magical protections are still in place. The group barely pauses to admire the art as they start to ascend the main stairs to the top of the tower. The wards on the tower fade with the height of the tower. Half way up the tower a group of devils similar to the ones that tried to make a deal with Oona, with the leader apparently the same one that lead the previous devils. The party defeats the devils as the leader turns invisible and escapes, again.

Making their way to the very top of the tower the party faces off against Aqueda and his remaining minions. Though the fight was difficult Aqueda fell. This time the ancient monk intervenes before Aqueda's dark lord can protect him. The monk also reveals that Mulvain (the dark paladin) has moved beyond our sight with the 2 pieces of the statue.