Session 32

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October 26, 2012 – The High Price of War
  • Year's End 1444 - Windfall Valley
  • 1 Year's Start 1445 - 9 Monos 1445 - Traveling
    • Evening of 6 Monos 1445 - Morning 7 Monos 1445 - The night of horror in Orne.

The Story

The party departs Windfall Valley, flying west on their griffin mounts. Afternoon turns to evening as they pass over the mountainous terrain. Adran spots a small mountain village near our path, the weary group decides to rest there for the night. The village is a small collection of stone longhouses, seemingly non-descript from the air. After landing, the group boards their mounts at the town stable and, lead by Oona, heads toward the only tavern. Soon the party learns the town is called Ornes, and that a storm is brewing. According to Ape' (Stinky to his friends) the dead walk in these kind of storms.

Suddenly, the lights go out and an ill wind blows through the tavern. Quodus lights up the darkened room, quickly discovering the tavern and patrons now appear disheveled and rotten. The party manages to fend off the undead townfolk, but during the battle a child'ss cries for help were heard. Oona charges off to find the child in the midst of the madness, and the party swiftly follows. The fight was difficult, the town squared filled with abominations. Oona's brash strike to the heart of combat allowed him to be enclosed inside a hulking undead creature that lives off the very soul of those it traps. Struggling and striking against it from the inside, while the rest of the party dealt with the shambling hordes without, eventually the dwarf breaks free and vanquishes the monster.

After the combat, a smiling spirit of a young child could be seen, wandering back towards her parents. The monster had stolen and consumed most of the souls of the town, now freed, and finally at rest. The party wearily rounded up their mounts, and headed off west again.

Treasure Acquired

  • none