Session 30

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September 21, 2012 – To the Tower
  • Year's Start 1445 - Into Windfall Valley, and the March to the Tower

The Story

The party works diligently to build funeral pyres for the scores of dead in the ruins of Niraset East. As the bodies are being cleared a light is seen and muffled shouting is heard from near one of the ruined buildings. Oona and Norvaan clear out some rubble opening onto the mostly collapsed basement. A human sun priest was the only being in the basement to survive the razing that had trapped him. To the groups questions he introduces himself as Luuci Soolum a cleric of Shealon.

That night Oona has wakes up from a nightmare shouting "Get out of my mind!", setting the tone of the march into Windfall Valley itself. A darkness of the mind and heart descends on the group as they make progress into the valley, getting worse with each step. The pervasive atmosphere focuses each individual on the worst feeling that they have ever felt, the fear and hopelessness becomes more and more oppressive as the group trudges further into the valley. The trail of dead bodies of De Aqueda's army is a testament to the deadly creatures and pervasive dread that is Windfall Valley.

After an indeterminable period of time the party approaches the ruins of Windfall Tower. The sounds of a combat are heard from the mists surrounding the tower, an ancient monk is in combat with several undead abominations. After dispatching the last undead thing he removes his hat and is instantly recognized by the party as Saxon. He explains that he has assumed the position from the former monk. He further explains that the parties contact with the demons during our battle with De Aqueda shattered our souls, he used his powers to bring them back as far as he could, to the Shadowfell. He then tells us that atop the tower is a summoning circle that De Aqueda is using to attempt to summon his master into this world, but this time he will not be able to escape Necrosaran's grasp.

As the group starts to find its was into the ruined tower the body of what is apparently Ferdenand De Aqueda lies in a mangled heap, he had apparently outlived his usefullness to Thomas. The large foreboding marble double doors, the only entrance to Windfall Tower, stand in the path of the parties final objective....