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The Scales of Justice
Allegiance Order
Followers Lykoran
Portfolio Law
Centers of Worship East Gallans, Gallantria
Alignment Lawful Good
Domains Civilization; Freedom; Justice
High Priest High Priestess Alexandria Kramm
Known Exarchs St. Melchior
Status Living
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image = Optional. Holy symbol
caption = Optional. A caption you wish to have under the image
name = Mandatory. Self explanatory
allegiance = Optional. Allegiance within The Balance
alias = Optional. Other names for the deity
adjective = Optional. Terms commonly used when referring to followers and worshippers of the god
domains = Optional. The deity's domain of influence
majcent = Optional. Seat of worship
leader = Optional. Leader of the church
exarchs = Optional. Known Exarchs
status = Optional. Living or dead