Session 36

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February 1, 2013 – Cultist Connection (Part 1)
  • 24 Monos 1445 - 2 Torin 1445 - Danberg (Oona's recovery)
    • 3 Torin 1445 - Called before the High Priestess, and Investigation

The Story

Our intrepid adventurers, with their mysterious follower, a strange dwarf named Issiak, took up the task of investigating a group of demon cultists living in Danberg, after being tipped off by the presence of a traitor within the ranks of the Temple of Garret.

An acolyte was being held for questioning by the party & the representatives of the temple. The incorrigible Auris, and a shadowy rogue named Selona. The acolyte, possibly involved in the kidnapping of Oona, was found shredded and mutilated within his cell. The guards outside were baffled, as no one had entered the room in the meantime. Quodus used his magical prowess to detect that someone had teleported into the room, a feat that would require impressive power. It was also determined that in order to open a portal within the temple, a dark ritual requiring human sacrifice was possibly used.

The only lead they had were some strange footprints in the gore left behind. Seemingly out of leads, they were notified that there was some disappearances around the town after questioning the local guard, known as the Roses. Norvaan, a former member, inquired of them for any cult activity, to which they expressed no knowledge. They did mention that there were some disappearances in the refugee camps to the north. He thanked them for their good work.

After heading there, they asked a man called Slippery Jack for information regarding any disappearances – he said there have been some. Noticing the squalor they lived in and Jack’s oozing, untreated eye, Norvaan left a small contribution, & Oona chipped in with a much larger one. They were directed to an old widow whose husband had left and never returned. The man had claimed there was an acolyte of Garret that would be distributing food somewhere in the refuge. They continued to find another woman whose son went missing. After asking around more – they finally located the storefront where the supposed distribution was to happen. Becoming impatient, Norvaan charged the door with his shoulder and it gave way with a satisfying crunch. Slowly making their way inside, the Insel Elf, Adran, perceived a number of combatants in the back, inside a storage area. Moving to engage, he also noticed three more archers, hiding in the rear of the storeroom.

As the combat wore on, Adran had been heavily wounded, and Auris, decrying the Insel Elf’s choice of actions, went in to the thick of combat to pull him out of danger. Oona & the other dwarf had busied themselves defending, and swinging hard at the soldiers in front of them. Norvaan and Quodus were frantically firing arrows and mystical bolts of lightning attempting to defeat targets of opportunity and the massive bugbear in front of them.