Session 33

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December 7, 2012 – A Bittersweet Return
  • 10 Monos 1445 - Canton City

The Story

Resuming their journey to Canton City the party passes over the desolation left as a result of the civil war. No sign of Agueda's forces are seen, but the aftermath of their occupation is evident from the air. Once grand cities now showed signs of destruction, siege ramparts constructed and burned. Entire fields lay trampled, and farms sacked, and empty. Nearing their destination the party decides to stop at the first populated settlement they pass to deliver news of the state of the war. They land outside of Villa Nova, which has been turned into a fortress city with the use of earthen ramparts and ramshackle defenses. The knight and entourage approach wearily of the strangers riding mounts frequently used by their enemies. Fears are quickly laid to rest, and the news is delivered. The knight, after such a long war, appears to give little credence to the news. The group then takes flight again to Canton City.

Nearing the city the group is confronted by a lone Roc Knight and ordered to land. Dropping towards the city the black banners of the passing of a king can be seen. Newly-crowned King Allen Carver is waiting in the courtyard. The party is lead to a meeting chamber and it begins to fill with the nobles and Sir Bendroden. Norvaan relays the tale of the second downfall of Agueda, with occasional help from the rest of the party. The tale culminates with Norvaan presenting Allen with Ferdinand's rapier. Allen inspects the intricately crafted weapon with a remorseful look on his face then in a fluid motion snaps the blade over his knee, letting the pieces fall to the floor. This is met by an audible murmur of some of the nobles, but it quickly ceases.

After the meeting is adjourned, the party is lead to lavish quarters in the castle. Norvaan, Adran and Quodus take advantage of the amenities to finally wash the grime from their bodies. Oona uses this opportunity to leave the castle in search of an old acquaintance, the rogue, Creeps. Though initially thwarted, he eventually draws enough attention that several members of the rogue's organization tail him through the streets, still crowded from the running of the news. Eventually confronting Oona after he lets them lead him into a deserted alleyway. The dwarf convinces the thugs that he has legitimate business with Creeps and he is taken to him to conduct his business.

Soon after he returns, the group honors the invitation of Sir Bendroden and sups with him in his barracks. He tells them that he will be returning to Danberg (in their company at their leave) as he has been dismissed from his current duties by the new king. While spending time with the now-dismissed paladin, the celebration after the "Running of the News" footrace takes place in the palace. The conversation turned to the current and past threats presented by the dark paladins, during this Oona asks Bendroden if he had ever been tempted by the power behind these dark paladins. He looks warily at Oona as he tells of the taunting that assaulted him, but no promises of power or assistance such as was offered to Oona. Bendroden then suggests that the Temple of Garret would be able to help Oona with this burden.

The next morning Norvaan is summoned before the king prior to the arrival of the rest of the party. He is offered a knighthood, but he will have to renounce his citizenship from the Free Cities of Dallaall. After serious contemplation he accepts with the condition that he be allowed to return to visit his family before the commission goes into effect. The rest of the party, Sir Bendroden, and Lady Krista then arrive in time for the knighting that shortly follows. The group is then given honors by the king, granting them citizenship and the ability to become landholders. Each member of the party is given a purse with 3,400 gold as a reward for their services.

Treasure Acquired

  • each member of the party received a bag with 3,400gp worth of copper coins