Session 29

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September 7, 2012 – In the Shadow of the Valley

The Story

The party continues riding in pursuit of the caravan transporting the amulet to De Agueda. About four days from the battle in the glade, the site of a recent battle is evident. The remains of Humans, Eladrin, Dwarves, gargoyles and hippogriffs litter the area around the road. A search of the bodies reveal that all but one of the Dwarves is in the livery of the Blackiron clan. The Eladrin, Humans and one Dwarf are wearing symbols that Quodus recognizes as the Society of Light, and each one has a copy of the book The Infernal Hordes of the Szellem in their possession. The battle appears to have taken place about two days ago.

The party crests a ridge in their pursuit and finally spots their quarry. The stronghold of Nirvaset East is also visible from the vantage point, and to Laphane's dismay, it lies in ruin. In the fading light, the group charges toward the remains of the caravan. Those guarding the caravan are defeated and the amulet causing so much worry is recovered.

Continuing to the ruins of Nirvaset East, the party can see the devastation firsthand. The buildings have been burned to the ground, almost all of the populace have been crucified in the streets. As the total devastation of this place sets in, a small sound is heard from one of the crucified elves. Laphane instantly recognizes the founder of the Elven Guard, with help from Oona and Norvaan, Lysander Ulgar is removed from the crucifix. In a rasping voice barely above a whisper, Lysander tells of the sacking of Nirvaset East.

An army of Dwarves and Humans attacked the stronghold. Agueda's forces far outnumbered the defenders and overwhelmed them. Lysander was one of those captured, the amulet he protected was taken by the hulking black paladin leading the army. This dark paladin also ordered the destruction of the stronghold and the crucifixion of the survivors as revenge for the defeat of Hayze. Lysander does reveal that he sent trainees and children into the mountains when the outcome of the battle became apparent with orders to stay in hiding until a member of the guard retrieves them. As his strength wanes, Lysander takes a faltering breath and passes the leadership of the Elven Guard to Laphane. Lysander's last orders are for Laphane to rebuild Nirvaset East. Knowing he cannot recover and that his time is past, Lysander asks Laphane for a final favor, to end his suffering. Laphane balks for a moment, somewhat shocked by the request of his former mentor, then quickly and humanely dispatches him.

Treasure Acquired