Session 28

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August 17, 2012 – The Whispering Glade
  • 15 Decitis 1444 - Leaving Vondar
  • 17 Decitis 1444 - The Whispering Glade

The Story

The group prepared to leave Vondar in pursuit of the caravan containing the fragment of the talisman. Quodus suggested that his arcane knowledge could assist the party to move faster than the horses could manage. After a short discussion, it is decided to follow Quodus' suggestion. Norvaan offers a pair of magical vambraces as components. The magical power drained from the pieces, the raw energy flowed from Quodus in a ritual summoning of phantom steeds to speed the party through the rough terrain.

The first two days of travel went much quicker than would normally be possible on horseback. During the late afternoon of the second day of travel the party finds its route cutting through a thick forested area. It was seemingly growing well even in the dead of winter. As the sun began to lower in the sky, only one clearing suitable for a night's rest was found. As the group entered the clearing it appeared someone else had also found the same clearing. A long dead camp fire and a pack of supplies marked the remains of a camp. Adran and Laphane searched the supplies and examined the fire and determined that this glade has been abandoned for about two weeks.

As the implications of this was discussed three Eladrin hailed the group as they approached. The more perceptive of the group noticed a faint whispering but are unable to determine the source. Quodus, using his arcane senses, notices that these Eladrin are using some sort of illusion and shouts a warning to his new companions. Several small dryads emerge from the forest to aid the illusory Eladrin in their attack on the party. Though in their natural element, the dryads were quickly dispatched. At the end of the battle, Adran found himself positioned just right, and he quickly figured the direction from which the whispers emanated. strange whispering.

The party followed Adran's direction up a small cliff face. On the rise, they find another cliff, but this one had a door cleverly set into the rocky face. Oona attempted to pick the lock, but just couldn't seem to crack it. Getting slightly impatient, Norvaan slammed his shoulder into the door, shattering the area around the lock. As they descended into the chamber, a sickly smell that was faintly evident outside began to increase in intensity. An antechamber at the bottom of the stairs was filled with rubble and a set of doors barely hang on their hinges showing an Eladrin burial chamber. Laphane's delicate senses were overcome by the foul stench that he said seems to emanate from a large pit in the burial chamber.

The quiet is broken by a bellow from a troll from within. The party moved quickly and dispatched the troll with relative ease. A search of the rooms revealed a storeroom with potions and potion making equipment, two sarcophagi and recent remains in the pit - the source of the sickly stench. Adran, ever keen of eye, spotted several giant spiders hiding high up in the ceiling of the antechamber.

Adran and Oona started to clear out the spiders, but while doing so, two undead Eladrin rose from the previously-still sarcophagi. During the battle Adran learned that although they appeared as undead Eladrin his divine abilities that target undead had no effect on them. Quodus perceived that these are also illusions. After the tomb is cleared out the group returned to the clearing to settle down for well-earned night's rest.

Treasure Acquired

  • 2400 gp
  • 500gp gem
  • 2 250gp art objects (1 finely made, gem encrusted jacket. 1 expertly designed flamberge, perfectly weighted, and set with gems)
  • Elven Chain Shirt -- Quodus