Jakob Wright

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Jakob Wright
Jakob Wright
Class Barbarian
Paragon Path Ancestral Weapon
Race Human
Hometown Hoelbrak, Viseu Province, Canton Kingdom
{{#AgeCalc: 1427 }}
Gender Male
Height 6' 5"
Weight 250 lbs
Alignment Good
Deity Keedrah
Player Mike
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Jakob has several tattoos along his arms and body. These tattoos represent his connection to the spirits. A new tattoo appeared after a dream. His sword on each hand.

Strong built allows him to hold the fullblade with ease.

He has a scar across his left cheek to remind him of the fight he had with Tefari the Lost.


  • Respects his elders
  • Brash. He will sometimes act first without thinking. Especially, when someone is in trouble.
  • Will come to someone aid if he sees they are in trouble


Jakob Wright grew up in the small mountain town of Hoelbrak. The small village believed that “nature will provide.” The children were trained to listen to the spirits of the land and accept the guidance of these spirits to hunt and protect the village. They also followed Keedrah, Lady of Nature and sought her blessings through mediation and prayer. Life was not easy in the village – occasionally they would barter for supplies from caravan passing, or hear news from a traveling bard, but this was not often. The treacherous wagon trail through the mountains was not very appealing to most, but some of the more hardy caravans often used village guides to reach the village proper.

The village divided up civic responsibilities among everyone. The adults were assigned to hunt for the village, act as guides and protectors for the village, or if the spirits showed, healed the wounded. The elders of the tribe formed a council lead by the council elder, the wisest person in the village. Hoelbrak also had a shaman who could heal and spoke personally with the spirits of the land.

While growing up, Jakob had many friends. But one became a special friend, Veronika Winter. The friendship bloomed into a romance.

At the age of 15, Jakob went through The Trials. These were a set of tasks designed to promote a child to adulthood. Through perseverance, he passed and was deemed an adult in the eyes of the village. The culmination of the trials is being bound to a spirit, and this is represented a tattoo of the spirit on the body. After the trials are completed, the village has a grand party for all those who achieved adulthood.

During the celebration, Tefari, who did not pass the trials and hadn’t been seen since, returned. He did not return alone. He was with several bandits that caused a raid. The raid came unexpected and the village was not ready for it. Many of the people were injured. Tefari was confronted by Jakob and a battle ensued. During the battle, a couple of the bandits tried to harm Jakob’s siblings and when he tried to intercept them, he was blocked by Tefari, who caused the scar on Jakob’s face. Jakob returned the attack and was able to protect this brother and sister when the bandits were ordered to retreat by a mysterious cloaked figure. With the battle finished, Jakob went to his family, to discover that his dad lost most of his left arm.

A few months after, they learned of the Cantonian Civil War, though it never reached the village. Their knowledge came mostly through a number of caravans fleeing east to Gallantria. Some carried horrific stories of battle, others the story that began the conflict. Some of the bards told tall tales that were designed to amuse or scare the children. One such story was of a band of unlikely heroes; 2 Elves, a Dwarf, an Eladrin, and a Human, all sent by the one true king. One day in the year 1445, a caravan came through and told the village that the war had ended and an uneasy peace was again in the nation.

A couple of years pass, and young Jakob has grown. He went on patrol against invaders and helped to guide caravans to the village. Never far from his memory was the night of the raid and his father’s injury. The scar across his face reminds him of that night. He would not let the shaman completely heal it and remove the scar, as Jakob wanted the reminder of that night, a reminder to bring justice to Tefari and the bandit raiders.

Recent Events

During the summer of 1448, a group of traveling gypsies arrived to Hoelbrak. During the day, Jakob and Veronika were walking around, when Jakob was approached by an Eldarin and asked if he wants his fortune read. Veronika tell him that would be neat and does it. The Eladrin starts talking about strength and love, when he suddenly stops. The Eladrin looks disheveled, packs up his items and ushers the couple out. “That was weird, I wonder what that was about,” Veronika inquiries. They continue looking around enjoying the shows and the strange foods.

As dusk starts to settle, a gnome named Havar approaches the couple. “Sir, I am sorry for the Eladrin, if you would like, please join me for we have some business with the lady. I am sorry madam, but she only wishes to speak with young Jakob.” Veronika looks worried, but Jakob reassures her he will be fine. With a kiss on the cheek, he follows the gnome to a smoke filled wagon. There a strange dragon-like humanoid (Dragonborn) proceeds to tell Jakob the rest of his fortune. She concludes the fortune by mentioning an "Aproaching Storm, and Jakob will have a part in this."

Havar says to Jakob as they leave the tent, “If you wish to see to learn more, you may join us. We travel before dawn and are the ally she says you are to meet, we will be seeing soon. But that is your decision.”

With his path decided, he talks to his family. While sad, they are also happy for him. His father pulled him aside, and told him what a great honor this was. Afterwards, he walked over to the mantle and pulled down the family sword. “This sword, Retribution, has been the Wright family tradition,” his father explained, “since the time before my father’s father. I want you to carry one and use this weapon with pride to stop whatever is to happen.” Even with the handicap of his lost arm, his dad was able to train him in the basics of the weapon.

That night, he also met with Veronika, and told her what he was going to do. After he told her, she took off a ring and gave it to him. “The ring is bound by the spirits, and will always protect you.” she said, slipping it into his hand. “Be safe, Jakob.”

That morning he headed out to meet the gypsies.

One night while traveling, Jakob slept. He was visited by a stranger. This person looked familiar, but Jakob didn’t know from what or where. The woman approached him and said, “Jakob Wright come with me, we have much to discuss.” Taking her hand they left the tent. They came to an opening in the woods; Jakob recognized it as sacred grounds of his people.

“I know you recognize this place. 500 years ago, I fought a battle here alongside others of the nation. The battle was hard fought and many lost their lives. But in the end we were triumphant. You, Jakob Wright are a direct line from me, Eir Wright. Your forefathers fought to protect Keedrah. Now the time has come for you to do the same. The Vistani were guided to Hoelbrak to find you. Your destiny lies away from the village.” With the last words spoken, Eir pulls out a fullblade and leaps to attack Jakob. Nervous, Jakob instinctively reaches for his sword, even though it is not there (left in the tent)… He feels his sword and at the last second blocks her attack. Jakob calls the spirits; he feels the strength of the oak and swings his blade back at her, knocking her prone. He steps to dodge an attack and charges Eir, striking full at her. Eir staggers back in defeat drops the weapon and surrenders. “You have the strength and fire of the Wrights within you. You have proven to be the one that can stop the approaching darkness.” With that several ghosts come up from the ground. Eir continues, “These are your ancestors, before me and after me. They have witnessed what has happened and know that you are the chosen among the family. Reclaim your birthright. The weapon is truly yours.”

Jakob watches as Eir’s blade joins with his, making it more powerful. “This blade will allow you to strike at those, that strike you, say its name and the attack will be true and you will have the final word in battle,” Eir states. “But more importantly, you now have the power of the Deathknells before you. Remember to honor those that have fallen to protect Keedrah. You are the chosen one.” With that the ghosts fly at and become one with Jakob.

Jakob startles awake, he is back in his tent. He reaches for ‘Retribution’ and can feel it is stronger. He also feels a burning on his face. With a mirror he sees a new tattoos on him. It is his sword, with the same detail as the actual blade. He feels stronger…. He knows he is the chosen one among his people. He went to bed, Jakob Wright, warrior of Hoelbrak, but awoke Jakob Wright, Champion of Hoelbrak, defender of Keedrah..

Present Day

  • Met with Norvaan and was introduced to the rest of the group
  • Meteor crashed down in Danburg creatured emerged and attacked the city. He defended those that could not help themselves
  • Regrouped and went to the seen to defeat a tentacle creature
  • Learned the meteor split and headed in different directions (overheard Moutains)
  • Found out the meteor was the parts of Netar
  • Traveled to The Great Forest and battled a piece of Netar as a Dragon and won


  • Stop the on coming storm (Whatever that may be)
  • Get revenge on Tefari for the attack on Hoelbrak
  • Return to Hoelbrak to see if town was hit by meteor split
  • Find and locate the other shards.


  • Final Word Fullblade +3
  • Handy Haversack
  • Foe Stone
  • Bestial Hide Armor +3
  • Boots of Mighty Charge
  • Ring of Fury
  • Stone of Earth
  • Belt of Lucky Strikes