Izzaik Failhammer

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Izzaik Blackiron
Izzaik Blackiron
Alias Izzaik Failhammer
Class Warden
Race Dwarf
Hometown Gallantria
{{#AgeCalc: 1364 }}
Gender Male
Height 4'6"
Weight 180 lbs
Alignment Unaligned
Deity Kenkou
Quote "Some folks call it a mace, I call it a warclub!"
Player Ron
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Character Sheet: Izzaik[1]


Izzaik spent his first few years outside the clan in western Gallantria, running errands and preforming simple tasks for the town’s people. Although he always finished the jobs granted him, he made a quick name for himself among locals as a mindless brute and drunken brawler. For Izzaik, he was never met with ale he couldn't stomach or a situation his hammer couldn't solve. It wasn't until he meet the eladrin seeker Zyphera Spiritstalker, that all changed.

The daughter of a shaman, Zyphera was raised in the wilds. She was slightly older then Izzaik, and to adventurers, she was known as a master tracker, a cunning wolf able to track the most elusive prey over any treacherous terrain.

Izzaik meet Zyphera when they were both hired as part of a posse to track bandits into the Aeg Continent. This was Izzaik's first real adventure, and he looked forward to proving himself. In the end however, this turned out a perilous journey in which only the two of them returned. Deep in the Aeg Continent, and close to the bandits trail, the party was betrayed by one of its members and lead into an ambush. After a long and gruesome battle, Zhyphera and a badly injured Izzaik were the only ones to survive. After several months of tending their wounds, they began their journey back to Gallantria. This journey laid the framework for what became a companionship that lasted some four centuries. For Izzaik, Zyphera represented the quiet before the storm, her soothing voice helping to control his rage.

This was all lost one night in a quiet tavern outside Canton City. Fat with gold and ripe from adventure, the party decided to have a night on the town, and celebrate with a friendly drinking. As the drinks flowed, a rage slowly grew in Izzaik as he witnessed another patron making what appeared to him as unwanted moves on Zyphera (although they had never been romantically involved, he always held a loving, almost addictive fondness of her). Filled with rage and jealousy, he leap toward the patron, and began beating him brutally. Caught in the moment, Zyphera threw herself between them, an instant fatal mistake. Before he realized it, Izzaik had struck her with a heavy blow to the head, killing her almost instantly.

Because of his actions, he is now forever haunted by her wondering spirit. In an attempt to come to terms with these events, and still troubled by news of recent actions taken by his clan, Izzaik exiled himself into the wilds, leaving the name Blackiron behind.


Izzaik is a typical dwarf with a short stocky build. Being close to middle age and battle scared, his face is fairly wrinkled and his hair has grayed. Even with the look of age, he still does his best to look presentable, being one of few male dwarves to trim his beard, preferring to keep it short with a slightly pointed tip. Clothing wise, he is always seen wearing a black and red armor, chainmail gauntlets, black steel tipped boots, and a black hooded cloak.

His personality has changed over the years as well. He is no longer the hit first question later brawler. Instead, he relies on wisdom and battle assessment to choose his fights, usually being the last in the party to take action. With time, he has also lost much of his arrogance and opinionated nature, choosing now a more humble and quite approach to life. Thus, he has made a personal choice to no longer drink. Instead, he resorts to simply smoking pipeweed and brewing a nice herbal tea.

As for beliefs and religion, after the death of Zyphera, he has slowly lost touch with the divine and martial gods. Although his hands still are masters of the martial form, his religious knowledge and willingness to master them have somewhat faded. He has since, started to embrace primal power, and with it, strengthen his ability to converse with the spirit realm. Wherever he goes, Zyphera’s spirit closely follows to guide him on his path.

Early History

A Veltan dwarf, Izzaik Blackiron was born of the Blackiron clan and most noted for being a descendant of the hero Rornok Blackiron. As for other family, his father died in a cavein when he was still an infant. This tragedy cause his mother to turn to a life of ale, leaving Izzaik basically an orphan in the care of the clan, always living in the shadow of Rornok's greatness.

At early age, Izzaik showed an interest in forging and smiting. Seeing this, the elder forge master of the clan took him under wing. It was here that Izzaik learned the fine arts of weapon and armor smiting. As he grew, he became a very accomplished smith and rune crafter. However, he still continued to live in the shadow of Rornok, and the dark image of his mother's drinking. Self-pressured to find a name for himself and restore his family's image, Izzaik chose to leave the clan when he reached maturity, looking to see the world and all the adventure it held.

Personality Quirks

  • Suffers from PTSD with symptoms of mild schizophrenia and aspergers to include social withdrawal, cognitive difficulties, thought disorder, and hallucinations.
  • Always speaks in a drawn out unemotional, yet straight forward, tone full of pauses, repeat phases, and interjections.
  • Does not drink alcohol, instead prefers the brewing and drinking of herbal teas and potions.
  • Has a strong work ethic and is always eager to please, sometimes to the point of blind trust.
  • Holds a rare and somewhat extreme fascination with nature and eldarin culture.

Recent Activity

Izzaik has spent the past 15 years in exile. During this time, he has roamed the Aeg Continent and the Zvergvald forest in search of elders to guide him in coming to terms with his past. On his journey, he met an old friend, Norlin Failhammer, an elder zvergvald dwarf warden who shared many adventures with him and Zyphera. Hearing Izzaik's story, Norlin promises to help his friend and invites him to consult with the elders of the clan. Izzaik spends the remainder of his exile learning from Norlin and other elders of the Failhammer clan. After spending almost a decade among the clan, Izzaik is accepted into their warding circle, and looks to set out on the next stage of his journey. Coming out of exile, and traveling under his new alias, Izzaik Failhammer, he sets out in search of Zyphera's father in hopes of gaining his forgiveness and to receive his counsel on the spirit world.


His ultimate goal is to one day find a way to reunite him and Zyphera in physical form with the hope of putting her spirit at peace and ending his internal suffering.


    • Potion Bandoleer(8)
    • Boots of Striding(9)
    • Gloves of the Healer(12)
    • Totomic Warclub(12)
    • Sash of Vital Ceaseless(14)
    • Alliance Band(15)
    • Healer's Brooch(9)
    • Circlet of Mental Onslaught(11)
    • Ring of Protection(17)
    • Iron Armbands of Power(6)