Gabriel Becrion

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Sir Gabriel Becrion, Knight Captain of the Danberg Roc Knights
Alias Gabriel
Class Roc Knight/Fighter
Race Human
Hometown Danberg, Pineborough, Canton Kingdom
10|1403 1434|}}
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weight 175
Alignment Lawful Good
Deity Bûhna
Quote "Any landing that you can walk away from is a good one!"
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Gabriel Becrion was a Roc Knight of Danberg, the second in command of the Knights, under Simon Artannon. Sir Becrion had served loyally with the Roc Knights from a young age, until his death during the Blackguard Haldrin's attack on Danberg. He had a child with Svetlana of the Company of the Lion, but this child's whereabouts are unknown. This lack of information may be intentional to keep the child safe. For a short time, the child was placed in the care of Bendroden Lightbringer.


Gabriel was born to Jovento and Victoria Becrion on 10 Tetsun 1409. The only child and heir to the Becrion family name, Gabriel was raised with a strong sense of right and wrong by his parents, who were well-off citizens. Jovento was a handsome man, and most of his good looks had passed on to his son. Victoria was a proper and loving woman, who taught young Gabriel the importance of grace and manners. By the time Gabriel had reached adolescence, it was clear he was intending to be a gallant, brave knight.

He began training at the age of 12 as a page, and was accepted as a squire a few years later. Exceeding expectations of skill and bravery, Gabriel's parents purchased him a fine horse, which he named Adagio, based on the horse's general disposition. Gabriel took care of Adagio as if he was his own child. His diligent care and attention to his horse and his training caught the eye of Don Álvaro Vaz. Don Vaz was the Knight-Commander of the Danberg Roc Knights, a prestigious order that utilized the famous Pineborough Rocs as mounts. He watched Gabriel carefully over the next few years, and halfway through his squire training, he requested the young lad be transferred to the Roc Knights. Gabriel told his parents the news and they were extremely pleased, as Roc Knights were held in high regard.

The training was not easy, but Gabriel took to it with a tenacity and a fervor that inspired other squires around him. From mucking the stalls to use of the foldable lance, Gabriel threw himself whole-heartedly into the experience. At the age of 20, Don Vaz submitted his name for knighthood to the then-Duke James Smythe, with a solid recommendation. Duke Smythe agreed and dubbed him Sir Gabriel Becrion, Roc Knight of Danberg.

He served with distinction, gradually increasing in rank, quelling small incursions of Orcs and eventually single handedly fighting a rampaging troll with his mount. Don Vaz retired after many long years of service, and appointed Sir Peter Alzon as the new Knight-Commander of the Roc Knights. Sir Alzon knew who he wanted as his second-in-command. Sir Becrion had shown loyalty and dedication and was one of the most experienced and chivalrous members of the order.

During this time Sir Becrion met up with Sir Bendroden Lightbringer's Company of the Lion. They shared a number of adventures together and Sir Becrion eventually fell in-love with the Gallantrian Axe-maiden Svetlana. He fathered a child with Svetlana, though he would never meet his son.

Attack on Danberg

The Blackguard, thought defeated, returned in the form of the fallen Paladin, Haldrin. Using his dark magics, Haldrin summoned a cloud of szellem to destroy Danberg and kidnap Krysta Carver. Taking up arms, the Roc Knights of Danberg flew into battle to face this dire threat. Many of their number were lost that day, including Sir Alzon and Sir Becrion.

This marked a turning point in both the history of the Roc Knights and by extension the city of Danberg. The Roc Knights lost much of their strength, and the Rocs themselves had not been thriving. Fewer Rocs were being born, leading to fewer Roc Knights.

After the Attack

Sir Becrion's son was born a few months after the end of the battle. Svetlana entrusted Sir Lightbringer with the child while she went off to bring justice to a fallen ally.