Ence Currian

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Natalia Catalina Currian
Seneschal Ence Currian
Natalia Catalina Currian
Alias Miss Currian; Prefers "Ence" (NC)
Class Seneschal
Race Human
Hometown Vila Nova
{{#AgeCalc: 1427 }}
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 140lbs.
Alignment good
Deity Arinori
Quote ""He has no idea how to run a castle..""
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Ence Currian

Natalia Catalina Currian is a well-trained young lady of the Cantonian Kingdom. Her family is a long line of highly-respected majordomos and castellans. She was serving and training in a school in Kalamata when a letter arrived from Senior Drag'huul of the Carvorel Military Academy. A young man he had trained had recently been granted Cantonian citizenship, and was tasked with reparing and overseeing Creiss Castle, former home of Doña Letizia Gomes Castillo. Senior Drag'huul suggested she send a letter of introduction to the man, Sir Norvaan Longard.

Unbeknownst to Miss Currian, a very similar letter was sent to the knight, recommending that he find someone to, in his words, "Have a steady and firm hand with the villagers and staff. It won't do to bark orders at them, and I have just the person in mind." Upon reading the letter, Norvaan begrudgingly agreed, as construction work began, and refugees from the original siege returned. The soldiers he oversaw had no qualms with his style, but the villagers often felt as if he was far too much "a soldier, not a knight, and nothing like our Doña.." The Captain of the Guard Althan Notorus agreed, and often acted as an intercessor for Norvaan.

When Miss Currian's letter arrived, the message was much longer than he expected. The introduction was the least intriguing part to him. The back few pages were nothing less than a written contract, offering her skills and expertise, for compensation, and suitable living quarters. Seeing this, Norvaan spoke as if Yeonar himself were standing right next to him, "Right on target, just like always, Sir." He responded quickly with an offer of a meeting for negotiation in Danberg.

Miss Currian agreed and set a date two months out, time enough for the communcation and travel to Danberg by both parties. Norvaan asked Sir Bendroden Lightbringer to recommend a stable for his mount. He booked a room at the Lion's Inn, and had Miss Currian meet him there. They sat down in a back room, with a scribe and hammered out a new contract. If you asked her, she got the better end of the bargain. If you asked him, he did. A month and a half later, Miss Currian arrived on a wagon, luggage and all, to Castle Creiss.

She began first by introducing herself to the staff and spending time learning names, duties, and the intricacies of dealing with a keep under constant construction in the middle of the wilderness. The settlers and the staff took a liking to her immediately, and her efforts were quickly rewarded with praise, and a noticeable increase in the settlement's morale.


Ence is a young woman with alabaster skin and blonde hair. She often wears long dresses, with only slight embroidery. She wears a small pendant necklace with the symbol of Arinori, and a bracelet of trinkets on her left wrist. The bracelet, she acquired in Kalamata, and the trinkets include pieces such as polished shells, bits of broken coinage, and an amber gemstone set in a silver bracket. The origins of the pendant seems to be either forgotten or a closely held secret.


Ence is both consummate professional and caring friend. She seems to blend the two without a second thought when dealing with people, whether they be the local settlers, travelling merchant caravans, or visiting dignitaries. The schooling she received from her family and abroad in Kalamata have trained her to be subtle and effective when dealing with the finer points of hosting and running a manor. Though she does pine for the busier streets of Kalamata and Vila Nova, she seems to enjoy the responsibilities at Castle Creiss. During her spare time, she designs clothing and paints.

She has also requested a room be set aside for a small library, to which both Sir Longard and Captain Notorus readily agreed. "Gentlemen.. not just military scripts," she quickly added. The two men looked at each other, puzzled for a second, and Sir Longard simply shrugged, "As you wish. Have one of the woodworkers start on some sturdy shelves, and perhaps a chair or two." Miss Currian immediately sent for some books from Danberg, Canton City, Kalamata, Allep, and as far away as Loshmere. They trickled in over the course of a few months, and they were promptly placed within the confines of the now nicely furnished room. She can often be found reading her way through these books, and has invited the literate among the staff and settlers to visit and read as well.


Anita Corina Currian - Mother, born in Gondomar, is currently serving a minor house in Esmoriz - Age 38

Cordil Aron Currian - Father, born in Canton City, is mostly retired, assists his wife in her duties in Esmoriz - Age 43

Hugo Orlan Currian - Brother, born in Esmoriz, co-owner of a small business producing cloth and textiles - Age 21

Zahira Lorai Currian - Sister, born in Esmoriz, married to a relative of the Duchess Isabella Bettencourt - Age 18