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Alaric, Priest of Granus, Society of Light
Class Priest
Race Human
Hometown Cormerant, Dallaall Free Cities, Windman
Gender Male
Height 5'8"
Weight 168
Alignment Good
Deity Granus
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Alaric was a learned priest of a minor deity of Freedom called Granus. He joined the organization called the Society of Light while he was a young priest in Cormerant. The Society's main goal was to work against Azak-Dûl, a minor diety of Tyranny. They pursued information regarding his workings and investigated rumors surrounding their goals and plans. He eventually joined up with the remnants of the original Company of the Lion. Through this, his work was aided by the writings of the Sage Thalinbar who had begun collecting information on the workings of the demons and devils he encountered during his travels. Having discovered his works after Thalinbar's death, Alaric continued to write and compile information leading to the creation of a book known as "The Infernal Horde of the Szellem".

Alaric was later killed by a fellow priest, for reasons unknown. The Gallantrian axe-maiden, Svetlana later avenged his death.